Everbest Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Wise people said change is the highest form of uncertainty, and that’s probably why everyone, specifically us, being so reluctant to it. But this time, we’re embracing it instead.

In our Fall/Winter 2019 collection, every iteration aims to represent the brand’s endless pursuit of aesthetic, quality, and relevancy in fashion. And it even feels more special to us as we are also debuting our new logo and color palettes through this collection. Along with these changes, Everbest’s new look is younger and expressive, structural and minimal at the same time.

The design itself is classified into two categories, one that’s suitable for the young professionals and the other is style to fit the creatives. All of them are entirely disparate but still very comfortable.

Everbest’s Fall/ Winter 2019 Collection introduces heritage reissue, retro rewind and understated minimalist through the monogram look, decorative hardware, carabinger, and nostalgic square silhouette.

The pieces that can empower people, making them feel confident and more driven to “Rise Above” all challenges in life. So whether it’s for your office-regulars, casual hang-outs, or even special occasions, there’s a powerful style for everyone in our collection.