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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Everbest Group (Everbest, Tracce & evb*) believes that a meaningful contribution to our society will provide long term benefits to all of us. To give back to the community, we established Everbest Care Foundation in 2014 and have arranged an annual charity program ever since.

Everbest Care Foundation is developed to lessen the burden of those less fortunate around us, while also funding tuition fees so that they can continue their studies. The program also supports a wide range of good causes that help the underprivileged families to build the house and afford a better everyday life. Over the years, Everbest Care Foundation has been working with numerous organizations including HABITAT, PMI, YKKAKI, DANA DIDIK, YPU, and LA SALLE College.

This year, we are partnering again with YPU, YKKAKI, and LA SALLE College to placing our fund support.

La Salle College

LA SALLE College is an international design school based in Jakarta. They thrive to provide education that helps creative individuals reach their full potential and improve the quality of their lives through continuous learning and achievement.

Since 2016, Everbest Scholarship Program has been working with LA SALLE College to give support for the expansion of educational opportunities.

Through this partnership with LA SALLE College, we aim to help exceptional yet underprivileged individuals to study at La Salle so that they can have a better career in the future. This year, Everbest Scholarship Program is giving scholarships to deserving awardees to start the academic years at LA SALLE College. For further details about LA SALLE College Jakarta

Yayasan Prima Unggul (YPU)

YPU (Yayasan Prima Unggul) is a non-profit foundation to benefit children. In 2017, The YPU family received the awards as “Best Non-Profit,” and “Best Marketing Campaign” from Business Excellent Forums. They also often participated in both local and global creative events such as YPU on the road, Cendekia Program at Metro TV, Filantropi at DAAI TV, Choir & Dance Performance in Singapore, and Equestrian Asian Games 2018.

Together with YPU, Everbest Care Foundation pledges support to disadvantaged children throughout the state, changing the lives of people. We believe that our donation will help to provide funding, education opportunities, and skill training to equip them with necessary skills for the future.

By showing children the connection between their education and their future career success, YPU aims to break the poverty chain in our society, and we’re proud to play a part. Visit to learn more about YPU.

As ever, caring and giving always remain a priority to all of us at Everbest Group. Therefore, we encourage you to help us help others, changing the lives of people through our annual charity program. With every purchase, you stand with us to donate IDR 50,000 to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Let’s change the lives together!

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